Through the Student Debt Repayment Program, The GO Fund pays the monthly student debt payments of accepted candidates while they are serving long-term among the unreached. We begin to make monthly payments once our partners are actually working in their cross-cultural destination. Our target is to make the final payment toward the student debt of our partners at the end of the tenth year of service. Through our preferred partnership with Radius International, students are pre-approved for The GO Fund's Student Debt Repayment Program, assuming they graduate from Radius in good standing and fulfill the requirements listed below.

Partnership Requirements

  1. Radius International will require its students to pay $200 per month (singles) or $300 per month (couples) directly to The GO Fund for the 10 months while they are attending the school. Alternatively, the entire service fee can be paid upfront. This is not a donation, but a non tax-deductible service fee as there will be a future service provided (comprehensive student debt repayment). This service fee represents about 10% of the total operating expense it will cost The GO Fund across the 10 years we pay the debt.

  2. Graduate from Radius International in good standing.

  3. Move to your cross-cultural destination within 24 months of graduation from the Radius International program.


  1. Growing in love for and obedience to Jesus Christ

  2. Obediently making disciples of Jesus Christ

  3. Active in service and commitment to a local church body

  4. Track record of growth in wisdom-filled financial stewardship

  5. Place of service will be among an unreached people group outside of the United States

  6. Length of service will be long-term, or until the specific task is finished

  7. Supported and sent by a qualified sending agency or church


  1. You will not be directly involved in church-planting or discipleship work (i.e. support personnel)

  2. Your household student debt exceeds $100,000

  3. Your household student debt is less than $20,000

  4. You are targeting a diaspora group (a people group living outside their native ancestral homeland). Though technically many diaspora groups are considered unreached, the priority in our approval process is to fund those who are going to indigenous unreached people groups.

  5. None of your student loans are in your name(s) (i.e. parent PLUS loans NOT in your name)

  6. You are not a citizen of the United States

  7. You have not completed at least your Bachelor’s degree


Please note that under current IRS tax laws, payments we make toward student loans are considered taxable income. We will issue a 1099 form for each year in which the total payments toward student loans exceed $600.


Thank you for your interest in our Student Debt Repayment Program. If married, both husband and wife are required to fill out separate applications. The cost to apply is $50 for singles and $100 for a married couples ($50 charged at the end of each application). This fee helps support the costs of processing your application and sustaining the program as a whole. As you complete the application, we encourage you to save your answers in a separate document to ensure that you do not lose your work. If you have any questions, please email our Program Associate, Chase Burns.