Student Debt Stops Missionaries

If your concern is to send missionaries to unreached peoples, the greatest enemy is student debt.


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Degrees Are Key

60% of the unreached live in countries that are closed to missionaries, but are open to college graduates.

Debt is real

Tuition costs have grown by 5.4x since 1990. Today, the average graduate has $28,500 in student debt.

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MissionarieS Are Stuck

Most missions sending agencies have a $20,000 debt limit for aspiring missionaries.

The Mobilization Paradox

Higher Education Is Essential, but Student Debt Inhibits Missions Work

Why the Unreached?

Nearly 40% of the world still does not have access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, currently only 3% of the Christian missionary force is serving among them.

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Why Long-Term?

Effective missions work begins with sharing the Gospel in the heart-language of the listener. Learning a language takes time, as does making disciples who make disciples.

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Why foreign Workers?

Ideally, native workers will do the work of disciple-making. However, many places do not have a single native with the resources, knowledge, or scripture to do this work.

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The GO Fund is solving the student debt crisis