In Romans 15:20, the Apostle Paul clarifies his specific task:

"...thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named..."

One could easily credit the apostle Paul with one of the better definitions of unreached people groups in the Bible: those for whom Christ has not already been named.

Nearly 2.9 billion people in the world have no access to the Gospel, and none among them to share it. We call these people unreached. Though many western people groups have general access to the Bible, a church, and an evangelical Christian, many in the world do not.

Trent Rowland put it this way: "Since 'unreached group' refers to a group of people with no viable and relevant church, a non-Christian neighbor of most Americans would not be termed 'unreached.' They are unsaved and need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet they probably have a church available in their own language and culture. They could go to church if they chose. In other words, they may be termed 'unsaved' or 'unevangelized persons,' but not 'unreached' because they are part of a 'reached' group."

The GO Fund is exclusively focused on partnership with missionaries to unreached people groups.

Though there will always be need among the reached, we have made it our ambition with Paul to bring the Gospel to where it is not currently being shared. We believe this represents the greatest priority in terms of world evangelization, and have thus made it our sole focus.


The GO Fund is helping send missionaries to unreached people groups