Thank you for your commitment to be a table host at this year's vision dinner. Without you, this event could not happen. We will do everything we can to help you find success as a table host this year. The process is really simple! (click here if you would like to fulfill your table sponsorship)



Submit a list of 15-20 guests

Our experience is that around 50% of your invited guests will attend the event. You dramatically increase your likelihood of successfully filling a table of ten seats if you start with 15-20 individuals.

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Submit table sponsorship

Your table sponsorship of $850 helps to offset the cost of the Vision Dinner events. Thank you for helping your guests attend the event with no upfront cost to them.

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Place reminder phonecalls

The most effective method of communication is still word of mouth! We ask that you place quick calls to each of your guests to remind them of the event and get final RSVP counts.

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Review the details for the Vision Dinner or ask us a question, we're happy to help.