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Bringing Meaning to Life - 2019 Spring Vision Dinners

“I’m not the one with passion to go deep into parts of the world…Those are the ‘arrows’, but Mike and I are senders, the ‘bows’. That brings meaning to my life.”

Laura Gouveia wrote this after attending the first of two Spring Vision Dinners in March 2019. For Laura, this ministry is more than a great cause; it is something that brings meaning to her life. The GO Fund is one way that Laura is obeying The Great Commission, it is her way to invest in eternity. Why? So that the unreached would hear the name of Jesus!

Laura and Mike Gouveia at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.

Laura and Mike Gouveia at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.


Five years ago, Claude Hickman shared a powerful metaphor at the first annual Vision Dinner. Those who go are the “arrows” and those who send are the “bows” that launch them into ministry. Founder and Executive Director, Luke Womack, reminded the 2019 guests that we still need many bows and arrows to accomplish the task of bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups. Laura and her husband Mike are two of these “bows”, and they see their role as vitally important.

Founder and Executive Director, Luke Womack, addressing guests at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.

Founder and Executive Director, Luke Womack, addressing guests at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.


Laura writes, “Here’s what happens… Young, bright, passionate people go to college, get their degree and then desire to go to the ends of the earth to tell people about Jesus. However, along with their degree comes A LOT of student loan debt. So, naturally, they start working, next they find a spouse, next comes the kids and so on goes life while they chip away at loan debt. Next thing you know, “life” has gotten in the way of that passion to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) and while the yearning to go burns on, so does their debt. The dream, the calling, the passion gets set aside and we lose the opportunity for Jesus to be known.”

Laura and Mike see the problem and they feel the weight of the issue. However, they have found the solution: The GO Fund!

The 2019 Spring Vision Dinners brought in a total of $230,092, funding 45 years of missions work! That is the solution. Champions like Laura and Mike have made it possible for missionaries to go and remain on the mission field. The burden of student debt, or as one applicant put it, “the only barrier I have right now,” is the one thing keeping most missionaries from the field. That does not have to be the case. The GO Fund exists to remove this barrier so that the gospel can be heard in every tribe, tongue and nation.

The first GO Fund missionary partners, David and Emily Rimestad, shared with guests that the only reason they are on the field today is because of The GO Fund. After five years of living among the Malayali people in Papua New Guinea, David and Emily are close to fully comprehending and speaking their language and will soon begin creating a written language and Bible for the Malayali people. The gospel will soon be heard for the very first time. Champions, “bows”, have made this reality possible.

Justin Pardee interviews David and Emily Rimestad at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.

Justin Pardee interviews David and Emily Rimestad at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Redlands, California.


At the second Spring Vision Dinner, Keynote Speaker, Brooks Buser, shared his story of his time in Papua New Guinea. While Brooks has been able to see the gospel flourish in a place that had previously never heard the name of Jesus, he reminded guests that there are still hundreds of people groups desperately asking for a missionary to come share “the talk” with them. The task is still vast, and it will take many bows and arrows to accomplish it.

Keynote Speaker, Brooks Buser, addresses the guests at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Santa Ana, California.

Keynote Speaker, Brooks Buser, addresses the guests at the 2019 Spring Vision Dinner in Santa Ana, California.


Laura longs to see the task accomplished and writes, “I loved hearing the vision all over again. How important it is to re-visit why we focus on the things we focus on, isn’t it? They gave us a little wooden chip at the end of the night as a reminder to keep praying. Mine is taped into our budget book so that every month I keep the vision alive so that I may be faithful to what God may provide to continue supporting this organization.”

Laura and Mike are just one example of the bows that are helping to launch missionary arrows onto the field, and that brings meaning to their lives.  

Will you join Laura and Mike in bringing meaning to your life by sending missionaries to the unreached?

The GO Fund Featured on The Missions Podcast

Click the link below and listen to The GO Fund’s Founder and Executive Director, Luke Womack, discuss student loans, why they keep missionaries off the field, and the solution to this problem on The Missions Podcast. This 42-minute episode aired on 03/18/19.


Thank you and Happy New Year!

The last 12 months have been full of growth at The GO Fund. There is a myriad of things to be thankful for and look forward to as we move into 2019. One way The GO Fund staff recognized both 2018’s triumphs and 2019’s excitement was by meeting for the second annual “Dream Meeting.” It’s a time for the team to share implementable, culture-improvement ideas, which have positively changed the direction of the organization forever. Here’s an inside look at the 2018 Dream Meeting.


Staff members took time to reflect and appreciate all that is happening within The GO Fund. Some are listed below!

Luke Womack, Executive Director:

As we reflect on what God has done through our Champions’ partnership with The GO Fund in 2018, we are in awe of the growth He has provided. Here are eight of the biggest accomplishments from this year:

  1. Growth from 17 to 43 missionary partners

  2. Growth from 4 to 7 team members

  3. Hosted two vision dinners for the first time

  4. Exposure in media outlets such as World Magazine and Pilgrim Radio

  5. Launched our first ever end-of-year campaign

  6. Launched the Ropeholder Event

  7. Launched a brand-new website

  8. Built a team culture of deep accountability

While we have significant prayers and plans for 2019, we pause to thank our Champions for their part in the accomplishments of 2018. Praise God for blessing the vision of The GO Fund in 2018, and for the countless champions who supported the work!

Matthew Nolen, Development Associate:

Launching the Ropeholder Event was definitely the most exciting project. I have never helped develop something and then put it out to the public in that way before.

What am I looking forward to in 2019? The GO Fund is growing fast and I think its super exciting to see how quickly things are changing. I truly believe we will look hugely different as an organization by the end of 2019, obviously our mission is set in stone, but how we creatively achieve the mission will change, and I think for the better.

Ashley Costelow, Director of Special Events:

I’m so excited for our 2019 Vision Dinners! being a part of them in the past as a volunteer was one reason I wanted to work for The GO Fund in the first place, so getting to actually plan them now and to see how God could grow them to invite more people into what He’s doing is amazing.

Jin Gill, Office Manager:

I love that I get to take care of administrative tasks so that the whole staff can do their jobs!

When I came into the position, I'd like to think that I brought order and organization to help The GO Fund run more smoothly. I also love going above and beyond my daily tasks and helping others with their projects. It's motivating because I know it's ultimately helping accomplish our vision to send the gospel to the unreached.

I particularly enjoy special projects where I can use my legal research and writing skills. I drafted a company holiday policy, researched state and federal laws to make sure TGF is in compliance and helped Luke with drafting documents for the Board of Directors — among other exciting things!

Chase Burns, Program Associate:

I am stoked to officially start my position in 2019. The last half of the year has been a challenge and a blessing. I have been support raising in order to begin working at The GO Fund and I look forward to this next year as I begin my new role. It is exciting to join an organization at a time of great growth and movement! Big things are in store this next year and I am honored to be a part of that. 

Thank you from all of us here at The GO Fund. May you all know, remember and rejoice in the reason we have our success and our hope this holiday season and as we move into 2019 – That the God of all creation and triumph is making his great name known among the nations and he lovingly and graciously invites us to take part. Happy New Year!