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The 100% Model

100% of every public donation funds student debt repayment for our missionary partners.


Funding Our Operations

We have developed several dedicated revenue models to cover our administrative costs. These models engage our donors, our employees, and our applicants to help sustain the 100% model and grow the impact of our organization. It is through the generosity and dedication of these three groups of people that we are able to continue to dedicate 100% of our public donations directly toward repaying the student loan debt of our missionary partners.


Venture is a group of dedicated supporters who join our ambitious vision at The GO Fund by investing in it from the ground up. These donors help cover operating costs from postage and supplies, to business travel and fundraising events. Without their support, we couldn’t raise money for missionary partners or run the organization. Their support allows us to continue to scale the organization using our 100% model and bring the Gospel to unreached people groups.

DEPUTIZED Fundraising

Full-time employees of The GO Fund agree to raise their own salary through a well-executed, personal fundraising strategy. We provide employees with world-class training and resources. Once team members actually begin the fundraising process, most will reach full funding within 3-6 months. To date, our employees have a 100% success rate. Their dedication to raise their own salary helps us continue to dedicate 100% of our public donations toward our program.

Application Fees

Applicants for our educational loan repayment program pay a modest application fee. These fees help offset the costs of running and maintaining the 70-step selection process. As a category, this represents a relatively small portion of our operating revenue. However, the funds still contribute to ensuring The GO Fund has sufficient operating capital to grow the organization and sustain our 100% model.