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Thank you for signing up to host a Ropeholder Event! Your event will make an impact on eternity. Our prayer is that God uses you to challenge and inspire other believers on their calling to Hold The Rope. Please use this page as a guide and  to connect with us throughout your Ropeholder Event Experience. 

Onward and Upward,

Matthew Nolen



A simple checklist to help make your event easy to throw!

  • Finalize your Date

  • Invite your friends!

  • Receive your box: Once you receive your box, enjoy exploring the goodies inside!

  • Download Videos: The Internet is not unchanging like our God, and sometimes it has issues.

  • Review Your Leader Guide: Before your event, read your leader guide, and answer the questions inside to prepare.

  • Snacks: Not a requirement, but never a bad idea!

  • Pray for your guests: Ask God to prepare their hearts to answer the call to be Ropeholders.

  • Remind: Share your friends Contact info with us 3-5 days before your event in the form below OR text 760-415-2839, and we will remind your friends of your event with a Welcome Video.

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  • Have Fun!

  • Pass out the Sign In Sheet

  • Follow the Leader Guide

  • It’s simple!


  • Take the survey

  • Upload your video and you’re done!

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