Tracy was drawn to The GO Fund because of its simple mission to address a paradox that is standing in the way of reaching the nations: the nations that are left to reach with the Gospel are closed to traditional missionary efforts; however, the doors are wide open to college graduates who may enter through the marketplace. The challenge is that college graduates who are called to invest their lives to reach the nations are delayed and ultimately prevented from going because of student loan debt. The GO Fund’s mission is to eliminate this paradox by taking on student loan payments of those graduates while they are using the skills they learned in university to proclaim the Gospel in unreached parts of the world. Tracy and John would consider it a tremendous gift for you to partner in this mission by giving to The GO Fund.

Please note: To allow them to extend proper gratitude, John and Tracy will be notified regarding any donation made on their behalf (though amounts will be confidential). If you wish to remain anonymous, please email us at info@thegofund.com.

Contributions are solicited and received with the understanding that The GO Fund board of directors has complete and final discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. If The GO Fund cannot honor your preference, your gift will be used where most needed.