Generation of hope


By the end of 2018, we invite you to help us raise $100,000 to fund 20 years of missions work. 100% of anything you give will go directly toward missionaries among unreached people groups. We are rounding out the campaign with a $7,400 matching gift—join us in this endeavor to see a Generation of Hope complete!

Here is how your gift today helps:

$5,000 funds one year of missions work
$417 funds one month of missions work
$96 funds one week of missions work

TOTAL RAISED = $24,203



Make checks payable to The GO Fund and just write “end of year campaign” in the memo section so we can count it towards the overall goal.

The GO Fund
7111 Indiana Ave, Ste 300
Riverside, CA 92504


We're able to accept donations in the form of stock, government (including municipal) debt and corporate debt through the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

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Last Christmas in the Middle East, Fatima asked Emma what the painting on the wall of her apartment meant. A detailed and vibrant image of a man hanging from a cross, while his feet crush the head of a serpent, drew Fatima’s gaze in wonder and awe. Emma asked, “Do you know this story?” Fatima responded that she did not, but that this portrait was beautiful to her. That night, she heard the intricate and rich story of Christ’s overwhelming love for her for the first time. Without your help, Emma would have never made it to the Middle East, and Fatima would not have heard the Gospel for the first time. Join us to fund a new “generation of hope” so that the Fatimas of the world will no longer have to wait to hear the Gospel.

One year has passed since Fatima first heard the story of Jesus’ victory on the cross. She still loves hearing scripture and stories about Jesus when she visits Emma.  Emma recently shared, “I still see Fatima and continue to share scripture and gospel stories with her every time we are together. Although she hasn’t chosen to believe yet, she is hungry to hear more scripture every time we are together. It seems like every time she goes through something hard, she reaches out for more scripture in Arabic. I am confident these seeds being sown are taking root in her heart.”



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