A Generation of hope


Last Christmas in the Middle East, Fatima asked Emma what the painting on the wall of her apartment meant. A detailed and vibrant image of a man hanging from a cross, while his feet crush the head of a serpent, drew Fatima’s gaze in wonder and awe. Emma asked, “Do you know this story?” Fatima responded that she did not, but that this portrait was beautiful to her. That night, she heard the intricate and rich story of Christ’s overwhelming love for her for the first time…

We want to see a generation, just like Fatima, reached with the gospel as a result of what we do today, but we want to invite you into the mission.

By the end of 2018, we want to raise $100,000 dollars so that, for the next generation, missionaries will no longer be halted from taking the gospel to the unreached. This is our Generation of Hope.