Luke's Story

Almost every night before I went to bed as a child, my father would come in the room and share a Bible story with me. I thought this was the status quo. It wasn't. Sadly, it would take me fifteen years to learn the truth about how many children around the world had no exposure to the Good News of the Bible.

While attending college, I learned about God's heart for the nations and His desire to be worshipped among all peoples. I also learned that many didn't worship Him because they knew nothing about God or His Son Jesus. I had to go see for myself.

2010 was the worst summer of my life. I was leading a small team to India for two months. Not only did my team implode under my immature leadership, but I was surrounded by millions of people who, unlike me in my childhood, had no access to the Gospel.

I remember visiting a temple shaped like an 80-foot orange monkey, and I was broken. There, in my view, was a man bowing down to what he thought was a god who could hear him. I was likely the only person in the temple who knew that his prayers went unheard. I was broken.

After graduating from college with a degree in business, I was desperate to play a part in God's global mandate to make disciples. I called about 100 of my college peers for an informal survey. Of those who were willing to enter long-term missions work among the unreached, each one was prevented due to educational loan debt. My discovery of this profound barrier led to the idea for The GO Fund in 2012.

Soon after, my first board member and I sat across the table from a family. "We would like to pay your student loan debt." There wasn't any money yet, but they had nothing to lose as they begged God to make a way for them to go to Papua New Guinea. By God's grace, we were able to send this family one year later, having enough money to pay their student loans across the next decade.

God has given the ministry much success since that first meeting. But I will never forget the words penned by a Papua New Guinea tribal chief, "Please send us a God-Man. We still do not know what happens to our old when they die. Are we stinking meat that you would not send someone to us?"

Some are begging for the Gospel. Others are hostile towards any ambassador of it. What do they have in common? They both need it, for the sake of their souls.

I spend my days figuring out how to raise funds for missionaries. It's anything but easy. But when God calls me home to heaven, might I be able to say with the apostle Paul that I made it my ambition to take the Gospel where Christ had never been named (Romans 15:20). For His glory, my joy, and the souls of those who will respond to the Gospel before it's too late.

Luke Womack,
Founder and Executive Director